An Exclusive Financial Event for

First-Generation High-Income Earners

Cash Value Wealth Builders Conference

A Financial Educational event

Nov.1-2nd, 2024

Why Should You

Attend the

Cash Value Wealth Builders Live Conference?

  • Empowering Your Future:

    Break the mold of financial lack and build lasting wealth. This conference will offer a unique opportunity to learn from top financial experts and network with others on a similar journey.

  • Tailored for You:

    Focus on the challenges that is unique to First-Generation High-Income Earners: Asset Acquisition, Wealth Building, Leveraging Credit, Income Protection, Asset Protection, Becoming your Own Bank, Entrepreneurship and Legacy Planning. This event is crafted to provide you with the necessary tools, knowledge, and support to craft the best plan for your family and build intergenerational wealth.

  • Actionable Insights:

    We will go beyond theory. Our speakers and workshops are designed to give you practical, actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately to start or enhance your wealth-building journey.

  • Networking Opportunities:

    Connect with like-minded individuals and industry professionals in an empowering environment to connect and form community.

Master Your Financial Fundamentals

What You will Gain:

  • Overcome Historical Financial Traumas:

    Ever wonder why you make financial decisions the way you do? Do you know how you came about your beliefs about money? Well, we're going to break the cycle and free the mind to think and believe abundance. We will confront the systemic issues that have historically impacted wealth accumulation in the Black community and show you how to get yours.

  • Use Cash Value Life Insurance for Wealth Building:

    Discover how to use Cash Value Life Insurance to replace your Income, to Buy Stocks, to Buy Real Estate, Save for College, Build a Savings Account and Have Tax Free Retirement Income

  • Protect the Money You Earn:

    Our expert speakers will share the secret incentives in the US Tax Code that the wealthy use to build and protect their wealth.

  • Credit Mastery:

    Discover the art of building and effectively managing and leveraging your personal and business credit. Welcome to the world of new financial opportunities.

  • Unlock Investment Secrets:

    Gain exclusive insights into investment strategies spanning Real Estate, Stock Markets, and the dynamic world of Digital Currencies. Don't be afraid of it.......Learn it!

Conquering Your Financial Challenges

and Gain...

  • Confidence:

    Step into the future with confidence, knowing you have the tools and knowledge to secure your family's well-being and build a lasting legacy.

  • Freedom:

    Discover how Life Insurance can offer you the financial freedom to pursue your dreams, whether that's starting a business, investing in stocks, purchase real estate, buy or invest in an existing business, to ensuring your family's future.

  • Strategy:

    Learn how to craft a financial strategy that includes Life Insurance as a key component, enabling you to tackle debt, protect income, invest wisely, build legacy and provide for you and your loved ones.

  • Community:

    Become part of a growing community that values Financial Education, Legacy Building, and Mutual Support.


the biggest financial educational event starts in...

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Meet Your Conference Host

I’m Jeff Moore CEO of Moore Financial Solutions, a Financial Services firm located in Mount Laurel New Jersey.

Over the past 26 years, I've been teaching and empowering my clients on how to use Cash Value Life Insurance to build wealth.

My mission is to help 5,000 individuals and families over the next 5 years build enormous Cash Value Life Insurance Contracts to Acquire Assets, Replace Income and to use as Leverage for Business Opportunities in acquiring Real Estate, Purchase Stocks, and to build Tax Free Retirement Savings.

I am very passionate about what I do in teaching Financial Literacy and developing solid Financial Strategies for my clients.

My experience throughout the last decade has been, working with High-Income Individuals, Professionals and Entrepreneurs to achieve maximum gains with my proven strategy of getting control of their money, acquiring assets, building tax-free income and create legacy for the next generation.

I have spoken and many stages, and on television stations, Podcasts and featured in magazines and film ( The Black Wall Street) about the benefits of having and using Cash Value Life Insurance as a Wealth Building Tool.

I am a proud graduate and a lifetime Alumni member of Penn State University where I received my bachelor's and master’s degrees. I am an avid Chess player and I've mastered the game and I have traveled extensively doing so and doing what I love.


WHEN: This event is scheduled for November 1-3rd, 2024 starting at 9 am to 6pm.

WHERE: Atlanta, GA

WHO: This event is for 1st Generation Wealth Builders who want to get control over their money, build assets, create passive income and learn how to Leverage Cash Value Life Insurance to replace income, enjoy the life you dream of, reduce your tax liability, build retirement income and build legacy for the next generation.

WHAT: Get ready to get equipped by top Financial Experts in fields of Developing a Wealthy Mindset, Overcoming Financial Trauma, Perfecting Budgeting Skills, Creative Use of Life Insurance, Digital Currency and many more empowering topics!

Your legacy is waiting.

Let's build it together at the

Cash Value Wealth Builders Live Conference.

Luxury Accommodations - Atlanta, GA

Your legacy is waiting. Let's build it together

at the

Cash Value Wealth Builder's Live Conference.

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Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck and not understanding how to manage your money and build wealth for the future?

The Experts

Meet Our Amazing Speakers - More to Be Announced!!!

Jeff Moore

Conference Host & 

Financial Strategist

Matt Garland

MG The Mortgage Guy

Earn Your Leisure

Matt Garland

The Profit Room

Angel Rich

Credit Specialist

Davonne Reaves

Hotel Ownership Blueprint

CEO, The Vonne Group

Ernest Curry

The Profit Room

Adriane Simpson

LinkedIn Strategy Expert

Ryan McCrary

Marketing and Funnels Expert

Expert Speaker

Guest Expert Speaker

Summit Agenda -

More to Be Announced!

Money Mindset
 How to Master your Money Mindset for Financial Success

 The Ultimate Money Formula for Financial Success

Overcoming Financial Trauma
Stop making Bad Money decisions from past financial habits.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance for Income Replacement and Asset Acquisition

Using Mortgages to Create Passive Income

Learn how to Mortgage Financing to

Build Wealth

CPA Tax Strategy in Life Insurance

How to reduce and or eliminate your taxes

Family Wealth

The Rockerfeller Method for

Generational Wealth

Real Estate Marketing

How to Build the Perfect Real Estate Investment Funnel

Stock Market Trading

How to Print Money in the Stock Market

Personal & Business Credit Mastery

Learn to build the Perfect Credit Profile

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